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Seminar Calendar Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Please Join Us for Our Seminar Series on Topics in Biological Sciences
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00 – 4:15 pm, Multipurpose Building (MPCB), Room 106

8/22/2016 First week of class
9/1/2016 NAME: Kate Laijtha, Oregon State University
HOST: Marie-Anne de Graaff
TITLE: What playing in DIRT can tell us about soil carbon: lessons for the CZEN
9/8/2016 NAME: Dr. Allan Albig, Boise State University
HOST: Kevin Feris
TITLE: What is the Matrix?  An Exploration Through the Spaces Between Cells
9/15/2016 NAME:Dr. Jay Carlisle, Intermountain Bird Observatory
HOST: Kevin Feris
TITLE: Full Life Cycle Research and Conservation for Long-billed Curlews: Collaboratively Exploring both Natural and Anthropogenic Limiting Factors
9/21/2016 NAME: Adrian Bell, University of Utah
HOST: Vicken Hillis
TITLE: The Cultural Process by Which We Adapt to Our Environment
9/22/2016 NAME: Dr. Pierre-Olivier Montiglio, McGill University
HOST: Jen Forbey
TITLE: The Role of Individual Behavioral Variation in Sexual Selection: The Case of Water Striders (Aquarius remigis)
10/4/2016 NAME: Dr. Christine Parent, University of Idaho
HOST: Eric Hayden
TITLE: Diversification on Island Systems: Ecological Opportunities and Evolutionary Constraints
10/13/2016 NAME: Lisa Shipley, PhD (Washington State University)
HOST: Jen Forbey
TITLE: Food and Fear: Mammalian Herbivores Integrate Multiple Risks When Selecting Foraging Patches
10/20/2016 NAME: Dr.Gunes Uzer, Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, Boise State University
HOST: Julia Oxford
TITLE: Cell Mechanosensitivity is Enabled by the LINC Nuclear Complex
10/21/2016 NAME: Zoe Tinkle, Boise State
HOST: Kevin Feris
TITLE: Thesis Presentation
10/27/2016 NAME: Richard Beard, PhD (Biomolecular Research Center, Boise State University)
HOST: Julia Oxford
TITLE: Mechanisms for Endothelial Barrier Dysfunction During Aberrant Inflammatory Responses
10/28/2016 NAME: Tempe Reagan
HOST: Jim Belthoff
TITLE: Thesis Defense
11/3/2016 NAME: Leslie Nichols, Thesis Proposal Seminar
HOST: Marie-Anne deGraaff
TITLE: Soil Response to Recurring Fire in the Sagebrush Steppe of the Northern Columbia Basin
HOST: Kevin Feris
TITLE: NCA Symposium Poster Session
11/17/2016 NAME: Lisa Warner, PhD (Biomolecular Research Center, Boise State University)
HOST: Dr. Julia Oxford
TITLE: The Dynamics of Multidomain Proteins in RNA recognition
11/24/2016 NO SEMINAR – Thanksgiving Holiday
12/1/2016 NAME: Britt Pendleton Thesis Proposal
HOST: Dr. Jennifer Forbey
TITLE: Using wildlife to discover New Approaches for Pest Control: The Golden Eagle Strategy
12/15/2016 NO SEMINAR – Finals Week
12/24/2016 NO SEMINAR – Holiday Break