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  • Image of Nicole and Emma in the Morphology Laboratory
    Team Tricho

    Nicole and Emma in the Morphology Laboratory

  • Image of Team Tricho group from 2011 at BSU
    Team Tricho

    Team Tricho group picture from 2011 at BSU

  • Image of Emma and Lance sampling in Parma, ID
    Team Tricho

    Emma and Lance sampling in Parma, ID

  • Image of Team Tricho celebrating Eric Tretter's successful master's defense
    Team Tricho

    Team Tricho celebrates with Eric Tretter after his successful master's defense

Thanks for visiting our website! We are currently in the process of updating some pages –
please continue to check back for updates!
Welcome to the Mycology portal at Boise State University.  This site and associated research are sponsored by Dr. Merlin White.


Dr. White’s research interests focus on fungi that are obligate endosymbionts of Arthropods, commonly referred to as gut fungi, traditionally in the class Trichomycetes.


The research in Dr. White’s lab spans from biodiversity surveys using morpho-taxonomy, often to describe new species of gut fungi, to molecular systematic and phylogenetic studies to infer the evolution of these fungi.
“Ultimately, our studies will lead to a necessary revised classification of the group.  Whereas these fungi are often regarded as commensals, they may also hold future promise for the possible production of antibiotics or with biocontrol of pest insect populations.”
This site is intended to highlight the research and stimulate continued studies of the gut fungi, as well as to share teaching experiences and studies in Mycology.
Trichomycetes and Hosts