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Graduate Programs


    The Department of Biological Sciences supports graduate training in several PhD and Master’s programs. Please use the sidebar menu to learn more about each program, application instructions and deadlines, and financial aid.

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Honors and Awards

The Biological Sciences Department is pleased to announce several award recipients in our graduate Programs this year.

Michael W. Butler Ecological Research Award

This year the department is excited to announce two recipients for the Michael W. Butler Ecological Research Award. Skyler Wysocki and Hanna McCaslin. We are able to expand the support this year because of on-going support from the Butler family and a contribution from Boise State’s Raptor Research Center.

Skyler Wysocki (MS Raptor Biology) – Skyler’s research focuses on the proximate factors that affect natural dispersal. Specifically, she will study whether food supplementation affects body condition and timing of dispersal in Western screech owls. Skyler has a strong history of department involvement from working as a teaching assistant to mentoring undergraduates in research. Also, she engages with our Boise community by giving presentations to elementary school classes and working with Boy Scouts. Congratulations, Skyler! Learn more about Skyler’s research on the proximate factors that affect natural dispersal .

Hanna McCaslin (MS Raptor Biology) – Hanna is studying how climate change and land use change affect avian dispersal. Hanna’s research will utilize data from both the Bird Banding Laboratory and the Breeding Bird Survey to address questions about changes in dispersal and the population-level consequences of movement patterns that affect species’ distributions. This award will help support Hanna’s participation in AniMove, a highly competitive training program at Max Plank Institute. Hanna enjoys teaching undergraduates in our department and regularly attends department seminars and lunches with speakers. Congratulations, Hanna! Learn more about Hanna’s research on climate change and land use affect avian dispersal.

Dan Montgomery Research Award

Emily Mydlowski (MS Biology) – Emily’s research focuses on the effects of seed predation by harvester ants on vegetation in a semi-arid grassland, with an emphasis on slickspot peppergrass. Emily has worked to create a manipulation in field conditions that will measure the effects of ants on slickspot peppergrass. In addition to her thesis research, Emily contributes to the department by serving as a teaching assistant for department undergraduate laboratory courses. As well as participating in the Biology Graduate Student Association. Way to go, Emily! Learn more about Emily’s research on the effects of seed predation by harvester ants.

Graduate Residential Scholars Program (GRSP)

Chelsea Merriman (MS Biology) – Chelsea will return to the GRSP program for a second year. Chelsea has had a great experience in the GRSP and is looking forward to another year in the scholar community. Way to go, Chelsea!

Dylan Gomes (PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) – Dylan has been selected to participate in the 2017/2018 Graduate Residential Scholars Program. He is a new PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior student in the Barber lab. Welcome, Dylan!

The Graduate Studies Committee would like to thank all of the graduate students who applied for awards this year. As in previous years, the selection was a difficult one for the committee. The committee continues to be impressed by the quality of research being done by our graduate students, and the commitment they have demonstrated toward the department, their peers, and the scientific community.