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Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Jason Winiarski Jason (Jay) Winiarski (PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior student). Project: Environmental drivers of timing of annual cycles of migratory birds. email jasonwiniarski at
Kathleen Callery Kathleen (Katie) Callery (MS Raptor Biology student). Project: Consequences of environmental synchrony on reproduction and survival of migratory birds. email kathleencallery at
caitlindavisCailtin Davis (MS Raptor Biology student). Project: Interactive effects of fire and recreation on predator-prey relationships.
email caitlindavis at and her beautiful photography on Flickr
hannamHanna McCaslin (MS Raptor Biology student). Project: Environmental drivers of avian dispersal. email mccaslinhm at Please visit Hanna's website to learn about Hanna and her interests.


brinkmeyer_curlewcrew2015Michaela (Mikki) Brinkmeyer (MS Raptor Biology student, co-advised with Dr. Kristen Ruegg, Graduated 2018). Project: Using high-resolution genetic techniques to develop an American kestrel genoscape for studies of migratory connectivity. email brin5845 at
Ben DudekBenjamin (Ben) Dudek (MS Raptor Biology student, Graduated 2017). Project: Diseases and ecto-parasites that affect golden eagle nestlings. email benjamindudek at visit Ben's website to learn more
amke-f-shawn-smith-300x290Shawn Smith (MS Raptor Biology, Graduated 2016) Project: Earlier nesting by a predatory bird is associated with human adaptations to climate change, email: shawnsmith AT
Robert SpaulRobert Spaul (MS Raptor Biology, Graduated 2015) Project: Effects of off-highway vehicles on Golden Eagles , email: spaul.robert AT current position: Credit Valley Conservation
Alexandra AndersonAlexandra (Allie) Anderson (MS Raptor Biology, Graduated 2014) Project: Population response to climate change: does assortative mating facilitate earlier nesting? current position: Trent University, email: aande763 AT
Erin WonderErin Wonder (MS Raptor Biology, Graduated 2013) Project: Effects of handling on corticosterone in American Kestrel nestlings. current position: Jefferson Laboratories, email: ponderbread AT
Neil PaprockiNeil Paprocki (MS Raptor Biology, Graduated 2013) Project: Current versus historical trends in habitat use by wintering raptors in the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. current position: Hawkwatch International, email: npaprocki AT
Eric NolteEric Nolte (MS Raptor Biology, Graduated 2012) Project: Detectability of migrating raptors at Lucky Peak. current position: Adjunct faculty, Boise State University. email: ericnolte AT
Alyson WebberAlyson Webber (MS Biology, Graduated 2011) Project:  How do Human Disturbance, Beach Characteristics, and Coastal Engineering Affect Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) Habitat Selection on the Florida Panhandle? current position: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. email: afwebber AT
Erin StrasserErin Strasser (MS Raptor Biology, Graduated 2010) Project:  Reproductive failure and the stress response in American Kestrels nesting along a human disturbance gradient.  current position: Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. email: erin.strasser AT
Paul DohertyPaul Doherty (MS Biology, Hofstra University, Graduated 2007) Project: Factors Affecting Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) Parental Care, Behavior and Hatching Success on Long Island, NY. PhD: UC Merced. Current position: Environmental Systems Research Institute (esri). email: pjdohert AT
 Annie McIntyerAnnie McIntyre (MS Biology, Hofstra University, Graduated 2007) Project: Piping Plover Reproduction at Jones Beach State Park, NY, 1995-2007: Trends in Nesting Activity and Plover Response to Foraging Habitat Restoration. current position: NY State Parks, email: Annie.McIntyre AT