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Zoology Upper Division

ZOOL 301-301G COMPARATIVE VERTEBRATE ANATOMY (2-6-4)(F). The evolutionary development of vertebrate anatomy, fishes through mammals. Dissection of the shark, salamander, and cat plus demonstrations of other vertebrate types. PREREQ: BIOL 191-192 or PERM/INST.

ZOOL 305-305G ENTOMOLOGY (2-6-4)(F). The general anatomy, physiology and developmental biology of insects, and ecological and evolutionary relationships and interactions of insects with humans. Field trips to collect and identify local species. PREREQ: BIOL 191-192 or PERM/INST.

ZOOL 307 INVERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY (2-6-4)(S)(Alternate years). Morphology, taxonomy, and natural history of the marine invertebrate animals and terrestrial arthropods exclusive of the insects. PREREQ: BIOL 191-192 or PERM/INST.

ZOOL 341-341G ORNITHOLOGY (2-3-3)(S)(Offered odd-numbered years). Birds as examples of biological principles: classification, identification, ecology, behavior, life histories, distribution, and adaptations of birds. Two weekend field trips. PREREQ: BIOL 191-192 and PERM/INST.

ZOOL 355 VERTEBRATE NATURAL HISTORY (2-6-4)(F). Classification, identification, evolution, ecological relationships, behavior, and life histories of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Two weekend field trips. PREREQ: BIOL 191-192 or PERM/INST.

ZOOL 361 MICROTECHNIQUE (1-6-3)(S)(Alternate years). Theory and practical application of procedures involving fixation, staining, preparation of paraffin sections and whole mounts, and histochemical techniques. PREREQ: BIOL 191-192 or PERM/INST.

ZOOL 400-400G VERTEBRATE HISTOLOGY (2-6-4)(S)(Offered even-numbered years). Microscopic anatomy of cells, tissues, and organ systems of vertebrates. Major emphasis will be on mammalian systems. PREREQ: and BIOL 301.

ZOOL 401-401G HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY (3-3-4)(S). Functional aspects of human tissues and organ systems with emphasis on regulatory and homeostatic mechanisms. PREREQ: BIOL 301or PERM/INST.

ZOOL 403-403G HEAD AND NECK ANATOMY (1-3-2)(F). Use of human cadavers to study prosections of head and neck with emphasis on clinical relevance. Integument, osteology, myology, circulatory system, lymphatics, oral and dental tissues, neuroanatomy, cranial nerves, general innervation, and salivary glands. PREREQ: BIOL 191-192 or BIOL 227-228 or PERM/INST.

ZOOL 409 GENERAL AND COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY (3-3-4)(S). Physiological principles common to all forms of animal life are discussed. Physiological adaptations required to live in a variety of environments are presented. PREREQ: BIOL 301 and BIOL 323.

ZOOL 421-421G MAMMALOGY (2-3-3)(S)(Offered even-numbered years). The biology of mammals: ecology, life histories, reproduction, classification, identification, distribution, and adaptations. One weekend field trip. PREREQ: BIOL 323 or an upper-division zoology course.

ZOOL 425 AQUATIC ENTOMOLOGY (3-3-4)(F)(Offered even-numbered years). The taxonomy and ecology of the insects most commonly encountered in freshwater environments. Emphasis on identification and biology of individual taxa, aquatic insect community ecology, environmental pollution assessment, and natural resource management. PREREQ: BIOL 323.

ZOOL 434 ANIMAL BEHAVIOR (3-3-4)(F)(Offered even-numbered years). Focuses on the concepts and processes of animal behavior, with particular emphasis on proximate perspectives. The history of the study of animal behavior, behavioral genetics, the nervous system and behavior, hormones and behavior, ontogeny of behavior, learning and motivation, and other aspects of behavior such as migration, orientation, and navigation will be presented. PREREQ: BIOL 323 or PERM/INST.