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Future Course Offerings

Spring 2018 Course Offerings

BIOL100Concepts of Biology w/Lab4
BIOL107Introduction to Human Biology w/Lab4
BIOL191Biology I: Cell and Molecular w/Lab4
BIOL192Biology II: Diversity of Life w/Lab4
BIOL205Introductory Microbiology w/Lab4
BIOL227Human Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab4
BIOL228Human Anatomy and PhysiologyII w/Lab4
BIOL281Research in the Biol Sci1
BIOL306Communication in the Biological Sciences3
BIOL320Cell Biology3
BIOL323Ecology w/Lab4
BIOL344Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory8
BIOL400Organic Evolution3
BIOL406Science and Society3
BIOL415Microbial Physioloigy w/Lab4
BIOL426Insect Ecology3
BIOL434Princ of Fisheries & Wild Mgmt3
BIOL451Developmental Biology3
BIOL466Adv Topics Mol/Cell/Devel Biol1
BIOL479VIP: Vertically Inegrated ProjectV
BIOL481Research in the Biol Sci1
BIOL485Finishing Foundations2
BIOL488Senior Outcomes Assessment0
BIOL497Computational Analyses of Biological Informatics3
BIOL497Restoration Ecology2
BIOL497Restoration Ecology Field Expe1
BIOL497Advanced Mycology1
BIOL497Endangered India Vultures3
BIOL498Adv Top in Mass Spectrometry1
BIOL498Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology1
BIOL500Organic Evolution3
BIOL511Advanced Cell Biology3
BIOL515Appl and Environ Microbiology w/Lab4
BIOL526Insect Ecology3
BIOL534Prin Fisheries & Wildlife Mgmt3
BIOL 544Vaccinology3
BIOL551Developmental Biology4
BIOL564Advanced Topics Mol Ecol Evol & Phylogeo1
BIOL566Advanced Topics in Cell & Devel Biol1
BIOL567Advanced Topics in Extracellular Matrix in Development1
BIOL570Genetic Engr & Biotechnology3
BIOL579Research in the Biol Sci1
BIOL597Restoration Ecology1
BIOL597Restoration Ecology Field Experience 2
BIOL597Agent-Based Model Human Envrio3
BIOL597Advanced Mycology3
BIOL597Critical Endanger Indian Vulture3
BIOL597Genomics & Bioinformatics w/Lab3
BIOL597Landscape Ecology3
BIOL598Veterinary Microbiology/Immuno1
BIOL598Advanced Topics in Mass Spectrometry1
BOT302Plant Anatomy and Microtechnique w/Lab4
BOT 302GPlant Anatomy and Microtechnique w/Lab4
BOT305Systematic Botany w/Lab4
BOT305GSystematic Botany w/Lab4
EEB697Hierarchical Models Ecolog Dat3
ZOOL301Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy w/Lab4
ZOOL400Vertebrate Histology w/Lab4
ZOOL401Human Physiology w/Lab4
ZOOL500Vertebrate Histology w/Lab4
ZOOL501Human Physiology w/Lab4
ZOOL521Mammalogy w/Lab3
Use this list to help you with your scheduling choices for the spring 2018 semester. This list may not be exactly what is offered - please use it for planning purposes only.