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Seminar Calendar

photos of biology students and faculty in action

Spring 2018

Weekly Seminars on Biological Sciences Topics

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 3:00 – 4:15 pm in Multipurpose Building 106

Open to the Public

DateSpeaker, Affiliation, Topic of Discussion (click title to see abstract)
1/18/2018Biology Graduate Proposals
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Student Union - Simplot A Ballroom

Graduate Students in MS Biology, MS Raptor Biology, and PhD EEB ro present research proposals.
02/01/2018NAME: Dr. Cecily Costello, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks
HOST: Alex Killion
TITLE: Status of Grizzlies in the Northern Continental Divide and Yellowstone Ecosystems and Potential for Genetic Connectivity
2/6/2018NAME: Stephanie Coates (MS Biology) Thesis Defense
HOST: Dr. Jay Carlisle
TITLE: Building the Full Annual Cycle Picture for Long-billed Curlews: Correlates of Nesting Success in the Breeding Grounds and Spatial Distribution and Site Fidelity in the Wintering Grounds
2/8/2018NAME: Dr. Rachael Bay, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
HOST: Mikki Brinkmeyer
TITLE: Integrating Genomic Data into Predictions of Climate Change Adaptation
2/15/2018NAME: Dr. Pieter Zuidema, Wageningen University
HOST: Cristina Barber Alvarez-Buylla
TITLE: The Demography of Individuals: How Heterogeneity Drives Tree Demography
2/22/2018NAME: Dr. Adam Fudickar, Indiana University Bloomington
HOST: Jay Winiarski
TITLE: Annual Timing in Birds: Exploring Mechanisms of Reproductive Allochrony in Seasonally Sympatric Populations
3/1/2018NAME: Dr. Mark Bee, University of Minnesota
HOST: Dylan Gomes
TITLE: A Frog's-Ear View of the Cocktail Party Problem
3/8/2018NAME: Dr. William Peterjohn, West Virginia University
HOST: Skyler Swiecki
TITLE: Seeing the Forest for the Trees: What Long-Term Research in the Forests of West Virginia Can Teach Us About Important Environmental Problems
3/15/2018NAME: Dr. Thomas Coombs-Hahn, UC Davis
HOST: Mike Henderson
TITLE: Environmental Regulation of Annual Schedules in nomadic, temporally flexible finches: Lessons from Extreme Cases
3/22/2018NAME: Dr. Sarah Knutie, University of Connecticut
HOST: Christine Hayes
TITLE: Environmental Change Shapes Host Defenses Against Parasites
3/26/18 - 3/30/18Spring Break
4/5/2018NAME: Dr. Francis Kilkenny, Rocky Mountain Research Station
HOST: Dr. Marcelo Serpe
TITLE: Development and Use of Genetically Appropriate Native Species to Restore Great Basin Plant Communities
4/12/2018NAME: Dr. Corinne Kendall, North Carolina Zoo
HOST: Teague Scott
TITLE: Lessons from African Vulture Movement Ecology: Scavenger Behavior and Beyond
4/19/2018NAME: Dr. Gail Wilson, Oklahoma State University
HOST: Dr. Marie Anne de Graaff
TITLE: The Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Grassland Restoration and Sustainable Agriculture
4/26/2018NAME: Dr. Gary Machlis, Clemson University
HOST: Dr. Kevin Feris
TITLE: A Scientist's Primer on the Politics of Science