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Seminar Calendar

photos of biology students and faculty in action

Fall 2017

Weekly Seminars on Biological Sciences Topics

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 3:00 – 4:15 pm in Education Building 109

Open to the Public

DateSpeaker, Affiliation, Topic of Discussion (click title to see abstract)
10/19/2017NAME: Dr. Cathy Whitlock, Montana State University
HOST: Dr. Christopher Hill
TITLE: The Role of Climate and People in Shaping Vegetation and Fire History
10/24/2017NAME: Ann Marie Raymondi, MS Biology - Thesis Defense
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Glenn, Geosciences
TITLE: The Relative Importance of Fire History, Management Treatments, and Spatial Factors on the Abundance of Key Biotic Components in and Endangered Sagebrush-Steppe Ecosystem
10/26/2017NAME: Dr. John Byers, University of Idaho
HOST: Jennifer Forbey
TITLE: What Does She Really Want: New Directions in the Study of Female Mate Choice
10/31/2017NAME: Dr. Abdelkrim Alileche, Assistant Research Professor, Boise State University
HOST: Dr. Greg Hampikian
TITLE: Nullomer Peptide Effects on NCI-60 Human Tumors and Normal Cells
11/2/2017NAME: Dr. James Doyle, UC Davis
HOST: Dr. Jim Smith
11/9/2017NAME: Dr. James D. Forester, University of Minnesota
HOST: Dr. Neil Carter
11/16/2017NAME: Dr. Marjorie Matocq, University of Nevada Reno
HOST: Jennifer Forbey
11/21/2017Thanksgiving Break, No Classes